Wed. Apr 24th, 2019

The great moments (or not) that Maite Galdeano has given to TV

Los grandes momentos (o no) que ha dado Maite Galdeano a la TV

Maite Galdeano is a television character that you love or hate. There is no middle term. The self-confidence of this woman from Navarra in front of the cameras, not caring in the least about what they will say, has been a continuous since entering the house of Guadalix de la Sierra in
Big Brother 16.
Since then many have been the moments that he has left for posterity, without going any further, the last, this same week.

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The mother of Sofia Suescun surprised everyone posing as an Arab woman covered with a scarf. Speaking a pseudo-French and trying to escape from Sálvame, Galdeano starred in a moment of the most viral that has left all viewers speechless.

The moment acquired such magnitude that it could be compared with that casual entrance to a police car by Lolita. But no. This time Galdeano did not leave the van and She fled in terror to avoid showing her face. A face, by the way, that has been shown on television on numerous occasions.

Already in the casting he made with Sofia Suescun to enter GH 16 I pointed out ways. I was not going to be afraid with the cameras and the first night of the contest let him see. What did not he see? Rather. Taped as he could with a blanket, it will not have been one or two times that the audience has seen Galdeano's ass coming out to ask for sleep.

It was at the house in Guadalix where this woman from Navarra has made it clear that her spontaneity can come up at any moment. There was not cut for anything, nor outside the program. Even came to star certain moments in Save me Deluxe very questioned, as when he ordered Kiko Hernández to shut up through a belching. But she has always given equal.

Once his participation in the reality series concluded his particular show began. And is that his television appearances have not gone unnoticed. The majority have been as defenders of their daughter in the different realities in which she has competed and shows of this is her particular advice to continue in the contests.

From the first to the last he has recommended that he will be better alone, that he does not trust anyone. The emphasis to transfer it has earned him more than one meme, like the one shown below. Great or not only accurate is that moments on the small screen has left many.

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