July 28, 2021

The great French parties annul their electoral acts for the European

The great French parties annul their electoral acts for the European

The main French parties announced on Tuesday that they suspend their electoral acts ahead of the European elections in May for the burning of Notre Dame de Paris, which has caused a great commotion in the country.

The candidate of the government majority and ex-secretary of State for European Affairs, Nathalie Loiseau, said in her Twitter account that they suspend "the campaign until a new order".

The head of the list, which the polls put in first position, justified it because "we live a moment of deep sadness, the Renaissance list naturally joins this moment of national union."

In a similar vein, the MEP and leader of the National Association (RN, for its acronym in French) Nicolas Bay reported, in a press conference that was already called, that they will maintain "24 hours of truce in political combat and in the electoral campaign. "

He was responsible for the training of the far right – which won in the last European elections – explained by the "duel for a jewel of our national heritage."

The Republicans, the largest party of the French right, canceled a rally planned on Tuesday afternoon in Nimes, in which they had to intervene the "number one" of the list to the European, François-Xavier Bellamy, and the president, Laurent Wauquiez, as well as a meeting with readers of the local newspaper "Le Midi Libre".


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