The great failure of Warner Bros with Hogwarts Legacy

The great failure of Warner Bros with Hogwarts Legacy

Hogwarts Legacy does not go back and is close to failure

The reality is that the video game sector has grown a lot in recent years, being part of the lives of millions of people who are up to date with all the news. the last bet of Warner Bros alluded to both players and lovers of the legendary Harry Potter sagaso the expectation for its premiere estimated a good future for said title.

Despite having achieved record numbers and stay for a while top of video games Best sellers, Hogwarts Legacy is undergoing an incredible decline. Currently, only 25% of the users have finished it, and in many cases it has been abandoned. This is largely due to the number of things to do.

Although it is a open world that allows you to perform various actions freely to choose a single path, one of the big problems it has had is the amount of content possible. Since some are not frequent players, wanting to research and playing for a long time can become tiring. Also, some believe that the main story It is not very attractive and when leaving the plot to explore there are so many things that one gets lost. Another wink that has been criticized the most is the gameplaywhich with the development of the character becomes repetitive.

It should be noted that Hogwarts Legacy is available for various platforms such as PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X / S, Xbox One and PC, although it will also be available for Nintendo Switch in the summer, which could be in danger if the situation does not improve.