‘The great depression’ arrives at the Pérez Galdós under the success guaranteed by Nuria Roca and Antonia San Juan

Nuria Roca and Antonia San Juan in & # 039; The Great Depression & # 039;

Nuria Roca and Antonia San Juan in ‘The Great Depression’

The comedy The great Depression who star in Nuria Roca Y Antonia San Juan under the command of Felix Sabroso, he continues to pulverize records. The Pérez Galdós Theater More than two weeks ago, the poster of “Sold out the seats” for the three functions planned this weekend in the aforementioned capital coliseum, as previously they were forced to do the Palace of Exhibitions and Congresses of Fuerteventura where the aforementioned montage was premiered last month and the Asabanos Cultural Center on the island of El Hierro a few days ago.

Nobody wants to miss the theatrical premiere of the popular Valencian presenter Nuria Roca, who is sharing the stage with the Canarian actress Antonia San Juan, in this production of Acelera that reaches the Pérez Galdós on March 12, 13 and 14, within the framework of the program Culture in Action, and before being presented at the Guimerá theater in Tenerife (where there are very few seats left), the Príncipe Felipe de Tegueste theater and the Agüimes Auditorium, spaces in which there are also no longer tickets for the planned performances. Due to the influence on the degree of expectation generated by ‘The Great Depression’, it is worth mentioning that in the Teror Auditorium there is not a single ticket for the function scheduled for next June.

It is the first time that Nuria Roca, writer, presenter and current collaborator of the program The Hormiguero directed by Pablo Motos, he gets on stage to play a role. In this comedy, she plays Marta who, together with her friend Manuela (Antonia San Juan), will review the vicissitudes of their lives after meeting again after eight long years of separation that weakened the close friendship they always maintained.

Text from eleven years ago

The Canarian filmmaker, theater director, screenwriter and writer Félix Sabroso (Gran Canaria, 1965) also returns to the stage with The great Depression, a text written eleven years ago together with her inseparable companion, Dunia Ayaso, which also coincides on the Madrid billboard with another of her installments, the comedy The last tourné, whose poster includes Alaska, Manuel Bandera, Bibiana Fernández, Mario Vaquerizo, Marisol Muriel and Cayetano Fernández.

Félix Sabroso has admitted that Antonia San Juan has amply demonstrated that she is a very complete actress with whom it is very easy to obtain very good results from her. “We are both in a good professional moment and wanting to give each other the best because we love each other very much,” admits Sabroso. Regarding Nuria Roca, the Canarian director warns that “she is great in her role and has surprised many people with extraordinary professionalism and seriousness”.

“It must be taken into account that the two actresses go through all possible emotional states during the course of the show,” the director emphasizes, “and both do it with admirable dedication, speaking of empowerment from pain or from insurmountable loneliness. A kind of game of emotions taken to the extreme that brings out the emotions of both of them even more ”, concludes Félix Sabroso.


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