The great anger of Joaquín Prat with Escrivá for pensions: "Don't take us for fools!"

'Four a day 'analyzed this Friday the pensions and how they will vary with the measures that are considered in these months. Specifically, the program Four commented on the last words of the Minister of Inclusion, Social Security and Migrations, Jose Luis Escrivá, that angered those present on set.

The current format included the statements of the person in charge of this matter in which he assured that the years of contribution would not rise from 25 to 35. "It is that it is put, not only in the agreement with Brussels so that they give us the 140,000 'kilos' that Spain is sorely lacking, but it is reflected in a draft that has been published today, "he declared. Joaquin Prat.

The presenter was blunt and angry with Escrivá's allegedly erroneous denials and sent him a clear message: "This has not been taken out of his sleeve by his colleagues, that comes out of the ministry. We are all willing to make efforts to save pensions, but that they do not take us for fools, that they tell us the truth ", sentenced.


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