February 27, 2021

The great anger of Aleñá with the directive of Barcelona

A few days ago the change of numbers between Aleñá and De Jong, one of the star signings of the team, was made public. The Dutch wanted 21 and the canterano gave it to him, to keep him with 19. They were made up to a photo. He called attention because the two play in the center of the field, in a sense they are competition, and there were those who understood it as a kind of surrender, while others see it more as an act of generosity, even anecdotal. Aleñá has told intrahistory, with some anger. «The dorsal thing was one thing between Frenkie and me, but I would have liked a message from the board because they promised him the number without notifying me. He was humble, he asked me and I gave it to him because it was for a sentimental issue. I gave it to him without thinking. De Jong is a formidable boy, I am now teaching him Spanish and he is English, which I have a little forgotten, ”explained the youth player. “It didn't feel good because I've always behaved well with the club. We have good communication, only one message was necessary, ”he added by way of reproach.

Aleñá also opted for the continuity of Rakitic. There are many midfielders who have the team: Busquets, De Jong, Rakitic, Arthur, Arturo Vidal and Aleñá, in principle, for three positions.

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