The Granca is tested with the Girona of Aíto and Marc Gasol in Menorca

Jaka Lakovic addresses his players in training at the Arena. / cbgc

Lakovic's team will play this Saturday, starting at 5:00 p.m. (live on Hestia Menorca's YouTube channel), their third preparation match

After falling in the first two friendlies played in
Valencia against UCAM Murcia (86-69) and Valencia Basket (91-61) last weekend,
The Gran Canaria Basketball Club traveled to Menorca this Friday to repeat its participation in the Ciutat de Maó Tournamentwhere the host Hestia Menorca, who competes in the LEB Silver category together with the Claretian subsidiary, shares the poster with the Jaka Lakovic squad and the Endesa Basketball League teams Girona and BAXI Manresa.

Gran Canaria disputes this Saturday, starting at 5:00 p.m. (live on Hestia Menorca's YouTube channel)his third
preparation meeting against the Girona squad of ex-yellow coach Aíto García Reneses and ex-NBA Marc Gasol. A historic club that returns to the highest national competition and has formed a competitive squad.

The Slovenian trainer adds the Senegalese tower Khalifa Diop to the expedition who was already in Valencia with the members of the first team Damien Inglis, Jovan Kljajic, Ferran Bassas, Miquel Salvó, John Shurna, Rubén López de la Torre, David Mutaf and Oliver Stevic and with the members of the LEB Plata Miguel Serrano, Adrián del Cerro , Aitor Exteguren, Gerardo Pérez, Alberto Redondo and Dylan Bordón.

For its part, Basketball Girona has Eric Vila, Kameron Taylor, Ferran Díaz, Pol Figueras, Quino Colom, Dušan Miletić, Pol Molins, Kevin Torres, Josep Franch, Ondrej Hanzlik,
Marc Gasol and Aleksandar Bursac.

The training load

Aíto García Reneses pointed out yesterday that «the team is doing well. We will not have much load because we will rotate.
It is very important, due to our preparation, to alternate training sessions with matches. We must continue to grow and learn day by day.

Hestia Menorca-BAXI Manresa will take place next (7:30 p.m., live on Hestia's YouTube channel)leaving the same schedules for this Sunday, playing first for third and fourth place between the teams that lose today and, later, the final between the winners of both crosses.

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