The Granca intends to execute the cut clause of Pustovyi

The Ukrainian pivot Artem Pustovyi shoots a basket during a game against Barça. / acb photo / m. henriquez

The Ukrainian pivot, with a contract until 2023, is not included in the plans for the next Claretian sports project

The Gran Canaria Basketball Club will change pieces in the inside game for the 2022-2023 season, some out of necessity, such as Khalifa Diop's departure to the NBA, and others out of economic and sporting interest. One of the players that will come out is
Artem Pustovyi, who has a contract until 2023, but the Claretian entity plans to execute the cutoff clause that is around 60,000 euros.

the player of
sofiyivka29 years old and 2.19 meters tall, landed on the island after six seasons divided equally between Monbus Obradoiro and Barça in the ACB, first shining in Galician lands with Moncho Fernández to attract the attention of a Barça entity in the one that went from more to less at the level of protagonism.

His arrival at Granca was a declaration of intentions of great ambition on a collective level and vindication on a personal level. Expectations were high and she booked two campaigns to showcase her intimidating qualities and become giant in the paint.

Pustovyi averaged 9.6 points, 4.2 rebounds and 10.1 PIR credits in the average 18 minutes he played in 16 games in the EuroCup, while he posted 9.2 points -57.1% shooting from two-, 3.8 rebounds, 1.2 blocks and 10.1 credits from evaluation in 18 minutes on average in the regular phase of the Endesa League.

The reconstruction of the internal game, in which Olek Balcerowski, John Shurna and Khalifa Diop -with the exception already mentioned of their possible departure to the best league in the world- have a contract and
Oliver Stevic finishesrepresents the first step to cement a sports project that will have as its unavoidable objective to be in the Copa del Rey, the Playoff for the title and go as far as possible in the continental competition.

acb Photo - V Salgado

Ilimane's ostracism

Likewise, another situation that could become entrenched this summer is that of the Senegalese tower Ilimane Diop, who has a contract until 2023, but without a cut-off clause.

The player who arrived from Bitci Baskonia this summer to find the minutes he did not have at the Basque club, not only has he not had them on the island but has fallen into the
In fact, he did not enter Porfi Fisac's call yesterday.

Without a doubt, a ballot to be resolved between both parties to find the best of the proposals for the immediate future, although, with a valid contract, he could decide not to move from Gran Canaria and complete the remaining course.

acb Photo - M Henriquez

The renovation of Albicy

The French game director Andrew Albicy, whose contract ends this course, manages
an offer from the Claretian entity to continue on the island for two more courses (2022-2024).

How did you publish this newspaper?
on the 17th of this month of May, Gran Canaria wants Albicy to continue leading the project on the floor and, although the French team's captain is highly willing to continue, both parties must bring their positions closer together in the economic section to seal the signing definitively. Both actors are condemned to understand each other.

Lander Castro will continue as physical trainer next season

the yellow club
extended Lander Castro's contract a few days ago to continue coordinating the physical plot of the first team of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club until the 2022-2023 campaign.

The Basque physical trainer, who arrived this year from Delteco Gipuzkoa Basket, where he coincided with Fisac ​​in the 2017-2018 season in the highest national competition -also with Salvó and Chery-, replaced Juanjo Falcón as head of the physical area, who He had performed these functions in the first team for more than two decades and now he does the same in the island subsidiary that obtained permanence in the LEB Plata for one more year.

French assistant coach Stephane Dumas ends his second season in yellow after arriving with Fisac ​​in 2020, a coach with whom he coincided as a player in Valladolid and as a coach leading the Senegal team, and
will not continue in the coaching staff of the Gran Canaria Basketball Club.

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