The Gran Canarian painter Jane Millares dies

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He was born in 1928 and was a member of a family that is a symbol of cultural generation

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This Wednesday, the Gran Canarian artist Jane Millares passed away, a member of a family that is a symbol of cultural creation: she was the daughter of Juan Millares Carló and Dolores Sall.

An eminently indigenist painter, she also tackled lyrical abstraction with Canarian-themed figuration and, at different times, surrealism and constructivism, as the CAAM highlighted at the time.

Regarding his artistic career, CAAM himself highlighted the following:

He begins to draw, paint and make sculptures at home.

Presents a sculpture at the Regional Biennial of Fine Arts of the Literary Cabinet.

First solo exhibition at El Museo Canario: 'Campesinas Canarias'.

He returns to exhibit oil paintings and drawings at El Museo Canario.

In October of this year, as a scheduled act of the Fiestas de la Hispanidad, he exhibits his work at the Cabildo Insular, consisting of 11 oil paintings and 37 drawings.

He attends several groups in the Archipelago.

performs a wide work of different reasons.

Collective exhibition at the Círculo de Bellas Artes de Sta. Cruz de Tenerife.

In the Canary Museum he exhibits one hundred drawings, highlighting among them: landscapes, nudes, characters, allegories, etc.

Yacht Club Award at the Regional Biennial of Fine Arts of the Literary Cabinet.

He made a medium-sized bust in clay, dedicated to his father a few days after his death.

In the Regional Biennial of Fine Arts of the Literary Cabinet he receives the Award for the set of the work presented called 'Origin'.

Make an exhibition at the Casa de Colón with reasons for the island's festivities, which includes 14 gánigos and 100 drawings of Lanzarote. The representation of gánigos will be repeated throughout his artistic life, but this would be one of the first proposals of the several that he would make of pre-Hispanic culture.

He approaches abstraction and makes some surrealist work to return to indigenism.

The look of Jane Millares is incorporated into the Library of Canarian Artists

Various Collectives.

He exhibits his recent work on the pintaderas and petroglyphs in the Literary Cabinet and in the Yacht Club.

First prize in the Regional Fine Arts Biennial.

Painting award from Mundo Canario magazine.

Collective at the Casa de Colón.

It integrates, with five more Canarians, the island selection of 'Contemporary Spanish Painters'.

He creates and directs the 'Guanarteme' silkscreen collection.

Collective exhibition in the house of culture of Arucas.

'Caseríos Canarios' (Ceras). Mercantile Circle of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

'Murals in the street': Grupo Espacio: Collective Exhibition, Sala Cairasco, Las Palmas de GC: Caja Insular de Ahorros, CICCA, 1978.

Make a large mural on Calle de Triana in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

Makes the series 'Knots': works on paper in graphite and bitumen, in which the empty planes stand out in certain proportions that take the viewer to the main place, that is, the knotting of various curvilinear shapes, which are the core of the composition .

Exhibition at Boticelli, drawings.

Closing of the series of exhibitions of the Mercantile Circle, in the centenary of said entity.

Family exhibition at the Canarian Press Club.

Under the direction of Mrs. Carmen Fraga González, she made the memory of her degree Mrs. María Dolores García Armenter under the title of 'The pictorial work of Jane Millares' at the University of La Laguna.

'Urban Landscapes', an exhibition on historic and picturesque corners of the Vegueta neighborhood of the city of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, exhibited at the Town Hall in July.

Exhibition 'Homage to the fighters for freedom' at the Insular Center of Culture.

House of Culture, Arrecife. Waxes.

Marqués de Herrera y Rojas Museum, Teguise, waxes.

'Faces'. (Throughout his life he cultivated the portrait in different stylistic forms).

Montblanc Award, in a special mention.

Exhibition at the Gran Casino de Las Palmas de Gran Canaria with drawings made with watercolor pencils.

'Anthology – Jane Millares Sall 1948-2000. Cultural Center of the Caja de Canarias.

'Lola Massieu, Jane Millares and Pino Ojeda. Pioneers of Canarian Art'. Arucas City Council, Municipal Museum of Arucas, 2001.

Appointed Favorite Daughter of the City of Las Palmas de Gran Canaria by the Capital City Council.

'Women Artists – Women Muses'. Art and Culture Halls of CajaCanarias de La Laguna.

Plastic Arts Circuit of the Cabildo de Gran Canaria: Casa de Colón and Ingenio.

December 2004-January 2005. Exhibits in Arucas. Mapfre Guanarteme.