The Gran Canaria DJ Collective denounces its exclusion from the Cabildo aid

The Gran Canaria DJ Collective, with the support of the Spanish Association of DJs and Producers (AEDYP), denounces its exclusion from the new specific aid aimed at nightlife and called by the Cabildo de Gran Canaria in the framework of the crisis of Covid-19, which it does not consider DJs, mobile nightclubs, and sound and lighting rental companies as part of this sector.

For this reason, this group, which includes almost fifty professionals from the islands, has convened a concentration on May 18, between 10.30 am and 12.30 pm, at the headquarters of the island corporation, on Bravo Murillo street. , to claim their activity as an artistic profession that is part of nightlife. This protest has already been authorized by the Government delegation in the Canary Islands.

In this regard, the Gran Canaria DJ Collective has issued a public statement in which they point out the limbo in which their professional activity is located, which is not considered either as an artistic profession or as part of the nightlife sector, which accentuates their situation of vulnerability by not being able to access any category of specific aid in this context of crisis marked by the closure of theaters and capacity restrictions.

Along these lines, another of the issues that the statement claims is the absence of hiring by the Canary Islands public administrations to a branch of professionals «whose activity has disappeared during the pandemic due to the health situation itself or the restrictive regulations of the greater part of the communities, which make it impossible to carry out their work. "The public administrations in the Canary Islands and, especially, the municipalities, must hire DJs as they currently do with all kinds of artists for events, both current and future, that are organized on the islands", they demand in one of the sections of release.


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