The Gran Canaria Dj Association manifests itself today at the Canarian Government headquarters

The sector regrets that the restriction measures imposed in the context of the health crisis have seriously impacted the almost 300 DJs who work on the island and that, in the last year and a half of the pandemic, the administration has not had the said association, legally constituted, “to even inform in advance of the measures that will be carried out in the different phases and that have caused the direct elimination of many jobs”, as indicated in a statement.

«The Gran Canaria DJ Association wants to make it clear that it will not give up its efforts to defend the interests of its clients and reserves the right in the future to take whatever actions are necessary to establish a constant and fluid dialogue with the different administrations aimed at to defend the right to work of its associates as well as the many families that depend on it, “they add.


The demonstration is aimed at the Djs of Gran Canaria, as well as any other person who works directly or indirectly in the nightlife and / or events sector. Among its demands, the association demands a plan to help the sector, since most cannot even benefit from ertes due to the precarious conditions in which they are hired or carry out their work, already before the start of the pandemic, as well as direct communication to DJs of the decisions made by the Government of the Canary Islands that directly affect their work so that they can reorganize their agendas as soon as possible and thus maintain their work activity minimally.


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