The Grammys become the first awards to create an inclusion clause

Grammy awards.

The Recording Academy of the United States announced Tuesday that from now on it will use a “inclusion rider” who will guide all the hiring processes and the organization of future events, such as awards Grammy.

The “inclusion clause” is a contractual mandate, increasingly used in Hollywood, which forces a company or production to include a minimum percentage of diversity in their teams, with the aim that they represent society in a way that is closer to reality.

In the case of Recording Academy This provision will guide all hiring both outside and behind the scenes at the next Grammy Awards, to be held on January 31, 2022.

With this, the organization trusts increase diversity among the nominees, presenters and artists who will perform live.

“I am proud that the Academy is a leader with the launch of an inclusion clause for the musical community that counteracts systematic biases, “said the director (CEO) of the Academy, Harvey Mason Jr, in a statement sent to Efe.

The guidelines, prepared by a group of lawyers specialized in civil rights, mention as underrepresented groups: “People of black, indigenous, Asian and Hispanic descent”, among others, as “people over 40, people with disabilities and members of the LGTBQ + community “.

The term “inclusion rider” became popular in 2018 when the actress Frances McDormand She mentioned it in her gratitude when she won the Oscar for the best leading actress for “Three commercials in the outskirts.”

Since then, she and other actors like Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Michael B. Jordan They require it for the productions in which they are hired.

The idea was developed by the researcher Stacy L. Smith and began to become known thanks to a TED talk in 2016.

In addition to the Grammys, the Oscar will demand a new regulation which will begin to be applied in 2024 and which calls for candidate films to meet minimum standards of diversity, even if it is in the teams that work behind the cameras.


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