The Goya by Ibáñez Serrador

The Goya by Ibáñez Serrador

Predisposed, exultant and happy, the nominees for this year's Goya Awards paraded yesterday at the legendary Teatro Real in Madrid to celebrate and share their recent candidacies. The Academy has selected this time a unique variety of films, whose themes range from the political corruption of "The Kingdom", the acceptance of identity, incomprehension and self-censorship of the debut as director of Arantxa Echevarría with "Carmen and Lola", the violence and the reconciliation with the past of «Between two waters», the honest and white overcoming of «Champions» and the constant fire of the traditionalistic drives of rural Spain through the eyes of Asghar Farhadi and his «Everyone knows it » In this 33rd edition of the awards, the emotive look that will permeate the gala that is celebrated on February 2 at the Palacio de Congresos de Sevilla, will come from the hand of the great Narciso «Chicho» Ibáñez Serrador, who received yesterday, at the Real , the Goya de Honor "for paving the way for a whole generation of Spanish filmmakers and for their exceptional contribution to genre films," according to the Academy. As was the norm in the assistants, Juan Antonio Bayona stopped at the figure of the filmmaker and stressed that he is "a man who traumatized me as a child [por películas como «¿Quién puede matar a un niño?»]and I have done very well. The language he used when television was in diapers was pure cinema. It is an honor for me to give you this well-deserved award. " Ibáñez Serrador was the creator of mythical formats such as "Un, dos, tres" and "Historias para no dormir", which are in the collective memory of the country and many of the actors and directors several generations younger than yesterday celebrated their nominations.

Dedicated to Vox

Ibáñez Serrador arrived accompanied by his children and stopped before the press: "It is very exciting that the new generations consider me a reference because it serves to think that what you have done the same served as a step," he said as if he had already heard the praises that were happening on the carpet.

For her part, Arantxa Echevarría, director of "Carmen y Lola", pointed out that "I hope that, by chance, a woman will be chosen as the winner. The reading I do is that at last 50% of a glance that was being lost is heard. It is terrible that we could not have the opportunity to make films and the tools and freedom to carry it out. That we are nominated three women to the category of best new direction is the best prize I could imagine. It is something tremendous. As I win, I'm sure I'll dedicate it to Vox. To encourage them to see for the first time a film of gypsies, balls and women, "he said.

In that line expressed Celia Rico, director of "Journey to a mother's room": "This did not happen since 1990. That there were so many nominees. What happened? It's something amazing". Also referring to a woman, Gloria Ramos, the protagonist of "Champions", Javier Fesser said that she "is the best example of naturalness with which I could find."


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