The Governor of Puerto Rico reduces curfew hours for COVID-19

The Governor of Puerto Rico, Wanda Vázquez, issued this Sunday a new executive order that reduces the hours of the curfew that had been in force for several months as a measure to control the pandemic by COVID-19 and that will now be from 10:00 the night until five in the morning.

Before, it started at seven in the afternoon.

Furthermore, the order establishes the parameters for the start of work in the public sector and in the public and private education system.


On the other hand, reiterates that the use of a mask, scarf or cloth will be mandatory to cover the area of ​​the mouth and nose at all times; maintain a minimum space of six feet between people when visiting an establishment, store, restaurant, cinema or office; and avoid unnecessary crowds.

Failure to comply with these precautionary measures, they would be breaching the order, so they would be subject to fines.

Public schools and private schools, whose classes are scheduled to start in mid-August, should prepare and prepare their work plans to reopen the campus according to health and safety parameters to prevent the spread of the virus during the next school semester, as has been discussed up to the present, and which are still under evaluation for these purposes.

Each educational entity, including the Department of Education, must timely present their plans for returning to classes and the modality in which their courses will be offered.

In addition, from July 15, 2020, within the hours allowed in the curfew, the resumption of sporting events will only be allowed for professional leagues, with the exception of contact sports, such as boxing, among others.

Casinos may open, as long as they do not exceed the maximum occupation equivalent to 75% of the capacity established in the current building code in Puerto Rico.

Likewise, the occupancy of shops and restaurants was modified to be up to 75% occupancy, from the current 50%.


In the entertainment area, face-to-face events and concerts are authorized, complying with certain standards such as the six-foot separation parameter, the mandatory use of a mask, frequent hand washing and disinfection of the establishment daily, according to the protocols established by the industry.

In the communiqué in which the order is announced, it is indicated that at the moment in which it is identified that the opening of any sector has caused a notable increase in the risk of infection or the moment in which the health services approach a capacity limit, it will be necessary to stop or delay the reopening plan and the order will be amended for that purpose.

The governor stressed that they remain vigilant to the increase in cases of COVID-19 in the United States and other countries, and will later pronounce on the measures to be taken at airports when passengers arrive.


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