February 27, 2021

The governor of Puerto Rico apologizes for the bad treatment of an official in a chat

The governor of Puerto Rico, Ricardo Rosselló, apologized for a private chat of members of the Executive in the Telegram application in which he uses foul language against an official and said he felt shame for the detention for corruption of former officials, but announced that he would not resign. position.

Rossello, in a press conference held on Thursday after interrupting his vacation to address the government crisis, said that you have to accept when you fail and make sure it does not happen again, although he made it clear that it was a private chat it is not known who leaked – it should never have been disclosed.

Rosselló's clarifications follow two weeks in which the Executive has suffered sudden upheavals almost daily and on Wednesday unleashed a convulsion by accusing the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) of former government officials and contractors for corruption, which is added the chat scandal.

Rosselló, who repeated on several occasions that he is sorry for the statements made in the chat, did not hesitate to make it clear that he will continue to lead the Executive, in addition to qualifying that his candidacy for re-election in the elections of November 2020 will be marked by his future performance.

He clarified that he was abroad enjoying a cruise with his family, but that events caused his return to San Juan.

The two reasons that precipitated the events are the disclosure of conversations in the private chat in which he is one of the participants and the arrests by the FBI of former officials of his administration.

Rossello refers in one of the excerpts of the chat to the former president of the New York City Council Melissa Mark Viverito, who expressed her rejection of the position of the president of the Democratic Party in the United States, Tom Pérez, of supporting the annexation of the island to USA

Rossello says about the official: "our people must go out to defend Tom and fall on this bitch."

The case of corruption led to the arrest of former Secretary of the Department of Education, Julia Keleher; the former executive director of the Health Insurance Administration (ASES), Ángela Ávila, and the president of the BDO Puerto Rico consultancy, Fernando Scherrer, a company with multiple contracts with government agencies, among others.

The corruption scheme basically consisted in favoring contracts with BDO.

"I apologize for the expressions of the chat," said the governor, after ensuring that it is human and as such has "flaws and virtues" after clarifying that he used the private chat "to release tensions of 18 hours of work."

"Nothing of that justifies my words nor what I have written and said", he maintained, although to qualify that his privacy was violated.

"Failed, it was an intimate chat and I never thought I was going out, those who are offended my apologies have every right to complain, some are personal friends of mine," lamented Rossello for the disappointment caused among the women.

On the arrests for corruption cases, he said he felt shame and that it seems an unprecedented matter, although he said it should not be forgotten that there is a presumption of innocence for everyone.

"Who has failed due to corruption has to pay for it," he warned, also to advance that tomorrow will hold meetings with his team to see the actions to take in the future with the objective of "effectively fight corruption" and take of proposals to end corruption.

Rossello also acknowledged that the arrests for corruption cast a shadow over efforts to get more federal funds for the island.

The press conference of Rosselló was followed outside La Fortaleza, seat of the Executive, by dozens of people who requested the resignation of the governor, which provoked tension with the security forces.

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