The government's left-wing partners emphasize that the Swiss investigation into Juan Carlos I "evidences" his "corruption"

ERC, EH Bildu and Compromís, left-wing partners of the progressive government, as well as other political forces, such as the BNG or the CUP, have played down importance this Tuesday to the file by the Swiss prosecutor of the investigation of the opaque fortune of Juan Carlos I, since it has been proven that the king emeritus received 100 million euros from Saudi Arabia, money that was deposited in Swiss accounts and for which it was not initially paid in Spain.

The folder in Switzerland and the inviolability of Juan Carlos I leave the donation of 65 million from Saudi Arabia unpunished

The folder in Switzerland and the inviolability of Juan Carlos I leave the donation of 65 million from Saudi Arabia unpunished

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For the ERC spokesperson in Congress, Gabriel Rufián, what has become evident as a result of the Swiss cause is that "there is an ethics problem" in the actions of King Juan Carlos, who has fled to the Arab Emirates since 2020. A Rufián's trial, "the judicial journey" of the ex-monarch's actions "does not end here", since actions are still in force in Spanish courts.

Asked about his possible return to Spain, the spokesman for the republican formation has considered that "if he wants to return" the emeritus "could live in an apartment of 60 square meters in a working-class neighborhood and receiving a non-contributory pension", which in his opinion judgment would give you an idea about how the majority of Spanish citizens live.

Mertxe Aizpurua, spokesperson for EH Bildu, "all people have to face their responsibilities and the king cannot be an exception", so he has trusted that the investigations against Juan Carlos I will continue in other judicial instances. "This is linked to the democratic state," he added, at a press conference in Congress.

BNG proposes "end the monarchy"

"Swiss justice has not proven that he benefited from a commission but it did prove that the king had 100 million in a Swiss account", highlighted, for his part, Compromís spokesman, Joan Baldoví, who has considered that the monarch should return to Spain to "apologize" to citizens.

Along the same lines, the BNG spokesman in Congress, Néstor Rego, has considered that the Swiss case was filed because "not enough evidence has been found", but "it is not said that there is no" relationship between the emeritus king and corruption.

"There are open investigations in the Spanish State," recalled Rego, who has insisted that with the investigations revealed by the Swiss Prosecutor's Office "there is evidence of corruption", which confirms "a corrupt behavior of the Bourbons in general." For him, the file "is not going to clear the name of the Bourbons or cover the widespread corruption of the Royal House", so "ending the monarchy is the only decent thing to do" on this issue.

Mireia Vehí, spokesperson for the CUP, has wondered "what has happened so that the Swiss Prosecutor's Office enters a dead end" and has considered that "no one in a democratic state should be above the citizens." Finally, Ferran Bel, PDeCat spokesman, has assured that despite the filing of the legal case "there is a very clear moral and political responsibility" on the part of the emeritus king, who "has deteriorated the institution" with his corruption.


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