May 13, 2021

The Government would prefer to hear from Puigdemont that the priority is to protect health, because he asks for “business as usual”, a rapporteur

“Some should close their shoulders, at this moment it is essential,” Montero replied, asked by Carles Puigdemont’s claim that there be a rapporteur at that table between the Government and the Generalitat on the Catalan conflict because he mistrusts the “professional mockery “who is the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez.

The minister has said that this message “does not differ from what the former autonomous president always says” and that it is not news that he takes advantage of a new circumstance to repeat his message, although he has taken advantage to respond to that criticism ensuring that the Government acts “with transparency “and” is accountable at all times. “

Montero has also said that the Executive is focused on the fight against the coronavirus and that protecting the health of citizens “is not the exclusive task” of the president and the ministers but of the other parties, starting with the PP, he insisted, because the responsibility is “proportional” to the number of deputies of each one.

Puigdemont has criticized this Tuesday that Pedro Sánchez signed with Bildu the repeal of the labor reform and then the Government backed down: “Does anyone believe that if we ever reach an agreement at a supposed dialogue table, this man will not do the same ? “

“If you have signed a document promising a few things in writing, does anyone think that we have to sit down at a dialogue table with a professional mocker? When we appealed to a mediator it is because we did not trust,” he said.


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