The Government works for the imminent approval of the pardons before the meeting of Sánchez and Aragonès

The Government is finalizing the pardons for the independence leaders and is preparing their approval in the coming weeks. Moncloa's intention is for the grace measure to arrive even before Pedro Sánchez's meeting with the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, scheduled for June, but which has no date yet, as sources point out to governmental.

The Government asks "confidence" to citizens who have "objections" with pardons: "Touch turn page"

The Government asks for "confidence" from the citizens who have "objections" with the pardons: "It is time to turn the page"

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The first vice president, Carmen Calvo, has acknowledged that the deadlines for the files are "running out." "It will not take long," Calvo has anticipated on the final approval of the grace measure in the Council of Ministers. "They go at the rate they have to go as files that have to be processed. It has not been a letter from the Government at any time in an electoral key," said the vice president in an interview on TVE's Las Cosas Claras. "These files are being finalized. These deadlines are explicit, as soon as they are finished they will go to the Council of Ministers as everyone else does. We are not a government that avoids that this is a political decision," added Calvo

The arrival of the Supreme Court report has precipitated the acceptance of the grace measure by the Executive but also by ERC, which has given him the greatest respite with the letter in which Oriol Junqueras renounces unilateralism. There have also been gestures by the head of the Catalan Executive, who in the presence of Sánchez he opted for dialogue, although he admitted that it would be "difficult".

His words came after Sánchez will be shown for the first time in public willing to grant pardons coinciding with the report of the Supreme Court, which was unfavorable. Until that moment, the president had ignored the matter in his public appearances, although the Executive had been paving the way.

Since Sánchez left the way open to pardons As a formula to reduce tension and improve "coexistence", the Government has launched a pedagogical operation on the grace measure to convince the most skeptical that it is a way to "turn the page" in Catalonia and overcome the worst moments of the territorial crisis. "Spanish society has to move from a bad past to a better future and that also implies magnanimity", the president said this Wednesday from Argentina.

Moncloa and the Generalitat intend to resume the dialogue table once the pardons are granted and the first official meeting between Sánchez and Aragonès takes place. From there they will resume the dialogue table that was launched as a result of the investiture pact between PSOE and ERC and that only met once before the outbreak of the pandemic and the subsequent reluctance of the then head of the Government, Quim Torra . The initial intention is for it to be convened this summer.

In the Government they assume that the Generalitat will raise their entry positions, such as the amnesty and the agreed referendum, while their approach is to advance on issues related to self-government included in what Moncloa baptized as the "reunion agenda."


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