Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The Government withdraws the housing decree to prevent the Parlament from knocking it down

El Govern retira el decreto de vivienda para evitar que el Parlament lo tumbe

In the face of the evidence that he was going to lose a new vote in the Parlament, the Government has requested to withdraw from the order of the day of tomorrow of the Catalan Chamber the decree law that it approved at the beginning of March in the matter of urgent measures to improve access to housing. The executive who runs Quim Torra it has not found the necessary consensus to take it forward and only Junts per Catalunya and ERC would have voted in favor of the validation of the decree.

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The spokeswoman and consellera of Presidència, Meritxell Budó, has been in charge of making the announcement public. Previously, the Minister of Territori, Damià Calvet, announced the withdrawal of the decree on the agenda of the Parlament during the Consell executiu held this morning. And is that the Government does not want to repeat the setback that suffered last week, when a motion promoted by the PSC in which Torra was asked to come to a question of confidence or call elections, came forward with the support of all opposition groups, including the CUP.

Budó accuses the opposition of "working more from electoralism than for the common good"

Budó explained that the Government is freezing the vote and that it intends to present housing measures once the electoral cycle ends: general elections on April 28 and European, regional and municipal elections on May 26. In any case, the decree will decay on its own, because as required by law, it has not managed to validate it. It is possible that the Government present a new formula through the parliamentary groups that comprise it. "We believe that we can redirect dialogues" with the political formations after the electoral period, the councilor has admitted.

"You work more from the election than thinking about the common good," denounced the spokesman of the Catalan Executive, after acknowledging that they had not obtained sufficient support. However, Budó has assured that the Government will try to "improve as much as possible" the decree of law to achieve "a greater consensus".

The Consellera de la Presidència and Government spokesperson, Meritxell Budó, today in press

The Consellera de la Presidència and Government spokesperson, Meritxell Budó, today in press
(Guillem Roset / ACN)

The decision of the Govern has been celebrated, in the first instance, by the PSC. Thus, the mayor of the Socialists for Barcelona, ​​Jaume Collboni, has demanded another decree "based on dialogue and consensus". "The precipitation of the Government of Quim Torra can not lead to a decree botched," he said.

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