The Government will update the salary of civil servants according to the evolution of prices from 2022

The Government plans to update the salary of public employees in line with the evolution of prices from 2022, as reflected in the Stability Program sent this Friday to Brussels.

Agreement between the Government and trade unions: State officials may telework three days a week

Agreement between the Government and unions: State officials may telework three days a week

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“Starting in 2022 and following, an increase in the remuneration of public employees and pensions is expected in line with the evolution of prices,” the document states.

In fact, the text explains that for the rest of the years and in the absence of a new remuneration framework, a growth in line with prices has been foreseen, “an effect that will be slightly consolidated by a lower growth of this expense in the years 2022, 2023 and 2024, as a consequence of the gradual decrease in the hiring of health personnel from the National Health Service and other hiring associated with the pandemic, mainly in the scope of the autonomous communities and local entities, having consolidated, however, a part of this expense.

This year, the compensation of employees has increased by 3.8%, to 12.1% of GDP, “once the Second Agreement for the improvement of public employment and working conditions, signed between the Government, was finalized in 2020. and trade union organizations.

This evolution, as explained by the Government, reflects the 0.9% increase in the salaries of civil servants approved in the 2021 Budgets and the actual replacement rate associated with the growth of the economy.

It also contemplates “the additional reinforcement in the number of personnel in the autonomous communities area necessary for the development of the reforms and investments associated with the projects financed in the period 21-24 with the REACT funds – Recovery Aid for Cohesion” .


On the other hand, in terms of pensions, the Program includes the increase in the number of pensioners, the substitution effect and the revaluation of pensions according to the evolution of prices.

Likewise, the Government plans to give a compensatory pay to pensioners in 2022 because inflation is expected in 2021, possibly higher than 0.9%, to which pensions have been revalued this year.

The document also includes the extension of the workplace measures approved to mitigate the effects of the pandemic (ERTEs and extraordinary benefits for cessation of activity) until the end of this year and their completion from 2022.


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