The Government will toughen the ‘housing bond’ to prevent rents from shooting up




The General State Budgets will not clarify the doubts that now surround the ‘housing bonus’ of 250 euros per month announced by Pedro Sánchez last Tuesday. This was confirmed by the Minister of Finance, María Jesús Montero, who highlighted in the press conference after the Council of Ministers that the accounts will only collect “a couple of strokes” about the bond and its budget endowment: 200 million euros.

At first, the minister also stated that the aid would be limited for those rental contracts of up to 600 euros. But sources of the Treasury quickly qualified their words, ensuring that this amount referred to the rent aids of the State Plan for Access to Housing 2022-2025 and not

to the young bond.

The measure therefore remains surrounded by secrecy. Montero only slipped that the income would go to young people with work and that the Executive would “correct elements” of similar measures from the past to prevent the new bond from causing an indirect rise in rental prices. As reported by ABC, experts in the real estate sector fear that landlords will transfer the 250-euro aid to
rental prices when they rent their homes to those under 35 years of age.

On Wednesday, the head of Transport, Raquel Sánchez, already dropped that the measure, which will be in force for two years, would benefit some 50,000 young people in an interview. The figure is surprising, because it is far from the 300,000 beneficiaries who had the ‘housing check’ launched by the Government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero in 2008, which lasted until 2012.

So he State invested 400 million euros in checks of 210 euros per month to facilitate emancipation. The measure, which in its last years was reduced to an aid of 147 euros per month, was slow to work due to the bureaucratic problems of the first years and the collapse of applications that occurred.

The Executive wants to prevent history from repeating itself. From the Treasury they confirm that the norm will include certain limitations that will reduce the recipients of the bonus. But they also ensure that the fine print of the proposal is still being worked on. Montero stressed the importance of “regulatory development” for the final preparation of the aid.

The Executive highlights that, in addition to this check, there will be other types of incentives to facilitate access to housing. For example, according to the head of the Treasury, landlords who rent their homes to young people will have higher tax deductions. Only in Budgets, the Government increases 46% the item allocated to housing policies, up to 3,295 million, to facilitate market access to low income and building. Of this amount, 2.489 million will come from funds granted by the European Union.

The third axis to facilitate access to rent will be the future Housing Law, which, although it has not even reached the Council of Ministers, has already unleashed criticism from the economic world for measures such as the intervention of the rents of banks and investment funds. The minister of tax authorities he replied yesterday assuring that the norm will be “precious.”

Along the same lines, the Minister of Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, assured that “the new norm will respect the autonomy” of the different regions, which are those that have the competences in matters of
living place
. That is, only those communities that want to take part in the rents of large funds and banks.

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