The Government will suppress the recoveries of June in the ESO

The recoveries of June in Secondary are over. The Ministry of Education is going to eliminate the June make-up exams this year. The evaluation and promotion decree prepared by the department headed by Pilar Alegría is preparing to publish this news as soon as it receives the opinion of the State School Council, according to the Balearic newspaper Last minute.

ESO and Bachelor students may pass the course with up to two failures

ESO and Bachiller students may pass the course with up to two failures

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Ministry sources explain that the measure, which comes from the previous minister, Isabel Celaá, has the support of the autonomous communities at a technical level. In the preparatory meetings for the decree, the representatives of the regional executives have agreed to abolish these examinations. The ministry argues, and regional technicians agree - according to the version of Education - that the extraordinary call in June does not make much sense in the current context: very few students passed these exams just three weeks after having failed the final one. of course. In addition, the sources explain, the Lomloe is committed to continuous evaluation and the teachers' criteria when it comes to establishing whether a student passes a subject or even passes a course.

In this sense it also goes the suppression of the maximum number of pending subjects with which a student can promote in a course. The decree sets the maximum at two, but it also explains that the number of suspensions will not be the only criterion to be considered and more can be passed. That students promote with subjects without passing is something that has happened for several years, also in the communities of many councilors who have protested this measure, but now it is given a letter of nature in the law. In addition, the Lomloe establishes that in the entire period of compulsory education it can only be repeated twice.

The idea of ​​the ministry is part of a battery of measures that includes the new law to reduce the repetition rate in Spain, which with almost 30% of students who are not in the corresponding course is among the countries with more incidence of this indicator in Europe.

The abolition of the extraordinary calls for June - which years ago were held in September, but were brought forward - is accompanied by educational reinforcements, as explained by the general director of Planning, Ordenació i Centers of the Balearic Government, Antoni Morante, to Last minute. "Even if the recoveries, attention to students with difficulties will be reinforced. In any case, it should be remembered that the degree and the passage from one course to another will be decided by the teachers and that there is no limit to the number of subjects suspended in ESO to pass to Baccalaureate ", he explained.

More attention to the student body –although the ratios have risen–, more preventive and non-reactive measures, more teaching autonomy and fewer examinations defining a school year is the path that the ministry has undertaken in its battle against repetition. Time will tell if it works.


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