The Government will study with the FEMP the investment of almost 10 billion surpluses and local remnants

The Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, met this Monday with the FEMP government led by its President, Abel Caballero, within the round of contacts that he is carrying out with political parties and social agents to address the way out of the crisis due to the coronavirus.

Caballero explained at the end that the municipalities are going to be able to use the surplus of 2019, about 3,830 million euros, and another 7,000 million remnants of previous years "for the social and economic reconstruction" of each municipality. To decide how this investment is approached and in what concrete measures, especially social ones, the FEMP will meet this week with the vice president of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, who will coordinate the process of withdrawal from confinement, and with the Minister of Health, Salvador Illa .

The Government must authorize the municipalities this expense because they are prohibited by the Budget Stability Law, which must be done through reform of this norm or law decree, Caballero said. "What you have to study is what it is spent on and that is what we are going to agree with the vice president and the minister," Caballero said.

The President of the FEMP has insisted on the importance that local entities can use these funds and avoid spending in turn from other administrations, for which he has highlighted the importance of coordination.



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