Fri. Apr 10th, 2020

The Government will study the mobility of citizens to prevent crowds

The Government will study the mobility of people in order to identify agglomerations and bottlenecks of citizens, in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, as announced by the Vice President and Minister of Economic Affairs and Digital Transformation, Nadia Calviño.

To understand these displacements, “attempts will be made to develop Artificial Intelligence instruments,” according to Calviño, who reported at a press conference on Monday of the launch of a pilot project for this initiative in Valencia.

The minister has affirmed that the “key element for victory” against the coronavirus is that the “measures are not only announced but are put into practice.”

“One of the fundamental aspects of the containment policy is its practical application, in the sense of eliminating interconnections between citizens,” he added.

The launch of a website with verified information on COVID-19; of a conversational assistant for the elderly; A self-diagnosis application for mobiles and a coronavirus data office are other initiatives announced and that are operational “in the coming days,” according to Calviño.

Regarding the coronavirus data office, he has stated that it will involve a centralized system to manage the data of the autonomous communities so that the situations in which the entire territory is found can be understood and updated information can be offered to all. the hospitals.

This is an initiative that has already been launched in other countries, he recalled.

Regarding the self-diagnosis application of COVID-19 for mobiles, he has stated that it will incorporate a questionnaire similar to that of teleoperators and will serve to decongest health care telephones, an initiative that is already underway as a pilot in Madrid, he recalled.

In addition, it has announced a unified website in which verified information about the coronavirus is published, in order to avoid the misinformation and confusion that are causing internet pages of unknown origin.

About the conversational assistant, he has reported that care for the elderly will be oral, that a pilot project is already being launched in La Rioja and that it will be extended to the rest of Spain.

This assistant, according to the minister, has raised the interest of operators from other countries, especially Latin America, taking into account that the language he uses is Spanish.

These initiatives are in addition to the launch of the Accelera PYME program, already launched, to finance telework with a line of credit, through, as he recalled.


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