The Government will sanction health centers that include pseudotherapies

The Government will sanction health centers that include pseudotherapies

"We want this to be a rigorous plan that defends knowledge and science." This is how María Luisa Carcedo, Minister of Health, Consumption and Welfare, began her intervention in the presentation of the Health Protection Plan against Pseudotherapies which seeks to train citizens against this type of practice, as well as eliminate them from health centers and universities. "We can not allow training in our universities that are not based on scientific evidence", added the Minister of Science, Innovation and Universities, Pedro Duque. And it is that this project has been developed between the two portfolios, since what they are looking for is that "Citizens are well informed and decide without deception", the minister added. And, according to the latest CIS report of 2017, 60% of the population believe that acupuncture works. In addition, of the 2,000 homeopathic products that passed the first screening of health to be recognized as medicines, "only 12 are presented with therapeutic indication", added the head of Health.

Thus, among the measures included in the Plan that, tomorrow will be approved by the autonomous communities in the Interterritorial Council, the modification of two royal decrees and the elaboration of a specific new one that "protect the citizenship against pseudotherapies" stands out. A) Yes, all misleading advertising will be avoided, "the centers will not be able to advertise themselves as health services if the therapies they offer are not supported by science"announced Carcedo. In the same way, Any practice that has no scientific basis will be eliminated from all health centers. Also, to avoid intrusion, "it will be guaranteed that all health activities are carried out by professionals with officially recognized degrees". "We have to have an active attitude to the population as a whole to avoid abandoning treatments," Carcedo insisted, since several cases of patients who have died have already been known to replace oncological treatment with "alternative" therapies.

In the new report that is going to elaborate from Health and Science they want to update all the therapies that are emerging and that do not have any clinical trial behind. "We want citizens to differentiate anecdotes from evidence. Something that works for an acquaintance of a brother-in-law, in front of an essay that provides a much more useful knowledge ", has exemplified Duque. Carcedo gives another example: "You can study voodoo, but not say that it cures." Thus, the idea of ​​the new Royal Decree is that "incorporate sanctions, although we are still in very early stages of development." That yes, "in no center it will be possible to be indicated that the reiki cures the cancer", has insisted the holder of the sanitary portfolio.

Regarding the universities, Duque said that the master's degrees and health degrees must "have a specific report from the Carlos III Health Institute that gives it scientific support." Likewise, specialized health training (MIR) must also have the backing of scientific evidence.


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