August 12, 2020

The Government will reduce from 35 to 20 the charges to collect the PER

The measure will be temporary in the face of the current difficult situation created by meteorology

The Government will reduce from 35 to 20 the peonads (days) to collect the PER. In the meeting that the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, has held today with the unions CC OO and UGT, in which the second vice president, Pablo Iglesias, has also participated, the Executive has transferred their intention to adopt this measure “in a temporary manner” to access the agricultural subsidy due to the “severe meteorological situation” that in recent months has made work scarce and has hindered access to peonadas. Currently, day laborers must work a minimum of 35 days to access an agricultural unemployment benefit, so the need has been raised, in the medium term, to reform the system of steps to ensure that it provides more adequate coverage to the eventual agrarian works.

Another of the axes of the meeting has come to highlight that the eventual work in the field of Extremadura and Andalusia involves a large volume of day laborers and involves a type of intermittent activity that requires specific unemployment protection. The Ministry has also pledged to “not remain impassive” before the statements of the UN special rapporteur, Philip Alston, who said that the conditions of the eventual workers of the Huelva camp were “much worse than those of a refugee camp” . For this reason, it has transferred the organizations that are going to make progress in the necessary legislative modifications that allow the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate to be able to appear, access these infra-dwellings and check the conditions in which the workers live, intervening in these settlements. . “To verify on the part of the Administration the conditions in which these agrarian workers live poorly is an essential first step to guarantee their dignity and their rights,” said the Ministry.


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