The Government will prohibit homeopathy in health centers

The Government will prohibit by Royal Decree that homeopathy be applied in medical centers: consultations of this pseudotherapy can not be qualified as a health center and doctors of the health system can not resort to homeopathic precepts or their products. Neither public centers nor private centers.

The Executive prepares a specific plan against false therapies, whose star is homeopathy, which will be articulated in a Royal Decree of its own. "There is no need for a plan to act as a health authority against false practices, but it will help us inform the population," Health Minister Luisa Carcedo said on Wednesday.

The future standard will emphasize the misleading advertising that serves these disciplines to pass themselves off as valid treatments without a scientific basis to support their effectiveness. Thus, it is planned to change the requirements for the authorization of health centers, services and establishments: homeopathy or acupuncture consultations are fully affected. "They will be something else," the minister said.

But the promotion of these pseudosciences will also be limited by removing the endorsement label. They will not be given the possibility of being called "of sanitary interest" to meetings or publications on these matters. As a result, "pseudotherapies will be eliminated from health centers." None of these false therapies "within the health services", the minister has clarified.

In this sense, the plan extends its control to the academic system and indicates that it seeks to guarantee that health activities are carried out by professionals with recognized degrees: that university studies are based on "scientific evidence". In this line, the project will seek that universities verify their titles in the health field. "We are going to try to reduce to zero the university degrees that confuse the future sanitarians, the principles of voodoo can be taught, but not to say that it cures," Pedro Duque, minister of Science and Universities, has described.

Homeopathy, a therapeutic proposal proposed more than 200 years ago by the physician Samuel Hahnemann, has not been able to demonstrate curative efficacy in a controlled clinical trial. The reviews of studies carried out in recent years have shown, beyond all doubt, that the effect of these products does not surpass the placebo. They are so diluted that they are harmless and do not pose a direct risk to health. However, several studies have shown that the use of pseudotherapies, such as homeopathy, can deter patients from effective treatments.

The Government of Sanchez was marked as a priority to limit this pseudoscience and has transferred to the European Union that should stop being considered medicine, since it has not shown efficacy. In fact, the Ministry of Health has published the list with the 2,008 candidates to be regularized (the rest will be banned), of which only 12 claim to have therapeutic indication or, which is the same, the industry itself only relies on the medical efficacy of 0.6% of its products.


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