September 19, 2020

The Government will meet on September 4 with the unions and employers in the Balearic Islands to negotiate the extension of the ERTE

There is already a date for the start of negotiations to extend the ERTE beyond September 30. On September 4 there will be a meeting between the Minister of Labor, Yolanda Díaz, the Minister of Social Security, José Luis Escrivá, and the leaders of the employers’ associations and majority unions, according to sources from the social dialogue to The table will take place in the Balearic Islands, in Palma, as a gesture with the islands, very affected by the reduction in international tourism.

The 960,000 that follow in ERTE:

The 960,000 who are still in ERTE: “There is a danger that in the coming months they will end up unemployed”

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The general secretary of the UGT, Pepe Álvarez, already announced this morning that there was a “principle of agreement” between the Government, unions and employers to begin negotiating the extension of the ERTE in the next few days in the Balearic Islands. The date, as La Sexta has advanced and confirmed by this medium, will be September 4.

“The tripartite table will be started to determine the continuity of the ERTE”, explain sources of social dialogue, who recall that in the past agreement to expand the ERTE, it was agreed to maintain this dialogue table between the Government and social agents to decide what happened to the temporary employment regulation files beyond the end of September.

Then it was also agreed to create a figure for ERTE in cases of regrowth, which can be used in cases of activity restrictions such as the current ones on discos and confinement in some specific locations.

The key: how the ERTE will be extended

The ministers Yolanda Díaz and José Luis Escrivá have already stated on several occasions their intention not to drop the ERTE on September 30 if they are still necessary, but the key will be to determine the conditions of this new expansion. For example, if the amount of unemployment benefit for workers who continue in ERTE and who spend more than six months in this situation is reduced, how will the State continue to support companies in the contribution of Social Security contributions and if the expansion will be general or more directed to specific sectors or activities, among other issues.

Currently there are still 880,000 workers included in ERTE, according to the latest data made public by Minister José Luis Escrivá on his Twitter account. The maximum number of people affected by these files was reached at the end of April, with 3.4 million people in ERTE.

The reduction of workers in regulatory files continues in the month of August, but the minister highlighted some exceptions, such as the freeze in the case of the travel and tourism agencies sector, which has not decreased the number of employees in ERTE in the first fortnight of the month. The latest more detailed data that Escrivá offered, a few weeks ago, pointed out that a third of the people who remained affected by these files work in accommodation and food and beverage services.


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