The Government will have to agree with the communities on the calendar to request the youth rental bonus

The Government has approved in the Council of Ministers the young rent bonus for those under 35 years of age, who will be able to receive 250 euros per month with retroactive effect, from January 1, 2022, and for a period of two years. However, there are still procedures ahead, since its implementation has to be agreed with the autonomous communities that have housing powers.

The Government will condition the youth bonus to a maximum rental price according to each city

The Government will condition the youth bonus to a maximum rental price according to each city

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Specifically, after its approval this Tuesday, the Government has to convene the housing sector conference with the autonomous communities, to agree on the collection criteria, depending on each region.

Some criteria that have to return, once again, to the Council of Ministers and, later, to the sectoral council, as explained by the Minister of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda, Raquel Sánchez, in the appearance in Moncloa. Some procedures that can last "a month and a half or two months, at most," he indicated.

Extends the bonus to room rental

Applicants must be between 18 and 35 years old and their income cannot exceed three times the IPREM. In addition, the rental income must not exceed 600 euros per month, although it can be increased to 900 euros in the most stressed areas.

A criterion, of extension to rentals of 900 euros, which, therefore, is left to the discretion of the regional governments. The same happens in the case of young people who rent rooms.

The bonus is also contemplated for those who, with the same income criteria, rent rooms that do not exceed 300 euros per month, but the communities can extend it to those who rent rooms of up to 450 euros per month, depending on the prices in their territory.

In addition to the rental bonus, the Council of Ministers has also approved the State Housing Plan 2022-2025 which, according to Raquel Sánchez, includes "many of the suggestions from the autonomous communities", regarding the initial draft of the plan for the next three years. This contemplates a financing of 1,700 million euros.

Overall, the Government plans to build 100,000 homes, 30% for young people; and foresees that, in four years, half of them, about 50,000, will be available to the public.


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