November 26, 2020

The Government will give the green light to the declaration of climatic emergency

The Government plans to approve the climate emergency declaration in Spain on Tuesday to deal more strongly with the serious impacts of climate change.

This measure, confirmed to EFE by government sources, will be implemented with the new newly invested Coalition Government, after the Congress of Deputies approved last September a motion urging the Executive to declare the climate emergency in Spain.

The parliamentary initiative aimed to urgently arbitrate mitigation and adaptation measures to the climate and ecological crisis, although its content was less ambitious than expected, because the Government was not yet fully operational.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, already emphasized in his investiture speech that he would place the ecological transition “in the front line” of the new Executive with the approval of a Law on Climate Change and Energy Transition “with ambitious objectives” in reducing emissions of greenhouse gases.

The objective will be to achieve in 2050 a generation of electricity with 100% renewable origin, and between 85% and 95% in 2040.

The declaration of climatic emergency by the Spanish Government is preceded by recent similar resolutions at the end of 2019, such as the one of the City Council of Madrid and the European Parliament and other more recent this year of the City Council of Barcelona and the Parliament of the Canary Islands.


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