The Government will give aid of 150 million for the deployment of ultra fast broadband

The Ministry of Economy and Enterprise will grant grants for the extension of broadband network deployments with access speed higher than 100 Mbps, which will be granted for a maximum amount of 150 million euros.

As announced by the ministry on Monday, the deadline for submitting applications ends on May 20.

The call for extension projects for ultra-fast broadband networks is included in the New Generation Broadband Extension Program (PEBA-NGA).

The objective of the PEBA-NGA, has detailed the ministry, is to accelerate the extension of networks with access capacity exceeding 100 Mbps, supporting its deployment in areas without current coverage or planned in the next three years, called white areas, currently located in rural environments with low population density.

The Ministry of Economy and Enterprise has highlighted that this call could facilitate access to broadband networks with speeds over 100 Mbps to approximately 2,196,000 people who currently do not have it.

In this regard, has ensured that, once completed the implementation of ultra-fast broadband deployment projects supported by this program, in 2021 93.45% of the population would have Internet coverage with access speeds above 100 Mbps .

The aid corresponding to the new call, which will be awarded under competitive competition, combines 25 million euros charged to the General State Budgets and 125 million euros from Feder community funds.


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