Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

The Government will cut electricity to Venezuelans 18 hours per week

The Government will cut electricity to Venezuelans 18 hours per week

The government of Nicolás Maduro broadcast on Friday the electric rationing schedule that is applied in Venezuela, with the exception of Caracas and three other states, according to which citizens will be without electricity at least 18 hours per week.

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The Ministry of Electric Power and the state-owned Corporación Eléctrica (Corpoelec) designed a scheme that divides 20 of the 23 states of the oil country into five sectors that will be subject to the so-called "cargo management plan" at different times, which in this case It's about three-hour daily blackouts.

According to this plan, one day a week, each sector will have the power supply 24 hours a day.

The rationing measure excludes the state of Vargas, near Caracas and where the main airport of Venezuela is located, to Amazonas (south) and Delta Amacuro (northeast), border regions and far from the capital.

Maduro announced last Sunday the start of rationing that will last 30 days but until this Friday no details of the schedule were known.

The programmed cuts of light are the response of the Government to the electrical crisis that the country is going through since March 7 when it began a sequence of blackouts that has paralyzed Venezuela for at least 11 days.

The failures have persisted this week especially in the west of the country, where entire communities spent more than 100 hours in the dark.

The ruling Chavismo has blamed the United States and the Venezuelan opposition for an alleged sabotage of the power supply, stating that there have been "electromagnetic" and "long-range rifle" attacks against the electrical system.

After that, they announced the modernization, intervention and restructuring of the system, guarded by the military since 2013, in order to be able to "face these attacks" in the future.

The Venezuelan opposition, on the other hand, blames the Executive for the failures in the system, pointing out that the ineptitude and mismanagement of the millionaire resources destined to the electric sector were the real causes of the cut.

In 2010, the government decreed for the first time the state of emergency in the sector and imposed the first electric diet, which saved Caracas, which lasted for four months and consisted of cutting the light about 24 hours per week to each citizen .

Since then the blackouts have become more frequent, especially in regions such as Zulia (west), where in the last decade several rationing plans and unannounced service cuts have been applied.


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