The Government will create a state agency to evaluate public policies

The Minister council has approved this Tuesday the Law of institutionalization of the evaluation of public policies in the General State Administration, which supposes the creation of a state agency to comply with the statement of the norm.

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This Law was a requirement of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan, financed by European funds, and has the objective "of strengthening, systematizing and giving stability to the analysis process of the various policies put in place by the State", according to the Government itself. Government.

"It will allow us to make a qualitative leap in terms of the quality and effectiveness of public policies and improve accountability to citizens", defended the Minister of Finance and Public Function, María Jesús Montero, at the subsequent press conference to the Council of Ministers.

After the definitive approval of this public policy evaluation law, the rule will be sent to the Congress of Deputies for its subsequent validation.

A new state agency

The main elements contemplated by the new regulation are the creation of a new state agency or the establishment of a stable evaluation planning mechanism for the entire General State Administration, for which a system of common indicators will be designed.

In addition, it is intended to reinforce the 'ex ante' evaluation, prior to the approval of public policies, and it is intended to use the results to improve those policies.

According to Montero, the law has been "greatly accepted" in the public hearing process and he hopes that it will be "continued" by the autonomies and city councils in favor of the transparency that the mobilization of public resources requires.

The Council of Ministers has also approved the Perte (the mechanism through which European aid is articulated) of 12,250 million to boost the production of chips in Spain. And, furthermore, the “Largest public employment offer in history”after reaching an agreement with the unions for the creation of new positions and the stabilization processes for temporary workers

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