June 20, 2021

The Government will closely monitor the employment adjustment of Sabadell




Banco Sabadell plans a new employment adjustment after having agreed in the last tranche of 2020 to leave 1,800 workers. The confirmation came through the mouth of its CEO, César González-Bueno, in the
presentation of its strategic plan 2021-2023
. At the moment the number of employees that would be affected is unknown, as well as whether it will be through a Employment Regulation File (ERE) or not. The only thing that is clear is that the Government will be vigilant and pressing.

From the Ministry of Labor of Yolanda Diaz they assure ABC that they will have to see if a proposal (ERE) arrives at the General Directorate of Labor, and they remember that the owner of this portfolio did not hesitate to send requests by letter


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