June 16, 2021

The Government will change the name of the train station to be called Chamartín-Clara Campoamor

The Government has announced its intention to change the name of the Chamartín station, located in the north of the capital, to Chamartín Clara Campoamor, as a “tribute to the promoter and defender of universal suffrage.” The spokeswoman for the Executive, María Jesús Montero, announced this measure at the press conference after the Council of Ministers. As he has stated, this procedure has been initiated “at the proposal of the First Vice-presidency of the Government.”

Montero explained that “this is a change that is part of the actions to disseminate democratic memory, the right to fight for freedoms in our country and that is also a tribute to the promoter and defender of Universal Suffrage, who he fled Spain after the 1936 coup and died in exile in 1972. ”

This announcement came two weeks after the Council of Ministers approved the to the draft of the new Democratic Memory Law, which will replace the one approved in 2007 by José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero. The text in which the Executive of Pedro Sánchez is working envisages promoting, among other things, the activation of a state plan for the exhumations of graves, the creation of a Prosecutor’s Office to investigate the crimes of the Civil War and the dictatorship or the “resignification “of the Valley of the Fallen that will be studied, but that” for the moment “will become a” civil cemetery “.


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