June 17, 2021

The Government welcomes the establishment of a Government in Catalonia to normalize the legislature and resume dialogue

The Government applauds that ERC and Junts have reached a preliminary agreement that prevents an electoral repetition in Catalonia. Although the Socialists insist that they would have preferred a leftist option led by Salvador Illa, it was a move they assumed impossible. That is why they see with good eyes that at least there is a new Government in Catalonia that allows to abandon the electoral lethargy to start the recovery in the community and also to strengthen the relationship with ERC, which could be complicated by new elections. The Secretary of Organization of the PSOE and Minister of Transport, José Luis Ábalos, has said that it is “logical, normal and legitimate” for the Catalan Republicans to maintain their “autonomy” in Congress, despite the agreement with the Junts.

Interior and Education for ERC and the economic vice-presidency and Health for Junts: this is how the distribution of portfolios in the new Govern

Interior and Education for ERC and the economic vice-presidency and Health for Junts: this is how the distribution of portfolios in the new Govern

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Furthermore, the advancement of ERC places it in a position of strength with respect to the other independentist formation, which is reluctant to the path of dialogue initiated with the Executive of Pedro Sánchez after the inauguration of January 2020. The table only met in one occasion and the next appointment, scheduled to be held in Catalonia, was delayed due to the outbreak of the pandemic. Later, the then president Quim Torra prevented a new meeting. In the Government they maintain that this route in which they will propose the “agenda for the reunion” should be reactivated as soon as there is a Government.

This was expressed by Ábalos in the press conference after the Permanent Commission of the PSOE, but also the coalition spokesperson, María Jesús Montero, in an interview on Cadena SER: “We believe that dialogue with Catalonia is necessary and hopefully this Government is not engaged in confrontation. We believe that it is necessary to recover the dialogue table ”.

“Catalonia needs as soon as possible a stable government capable of working for the whole of Catalan society and willing to resume the path of dialogue,” said the Minister of Territorial Policy and leader of the PSC, Miquel Iceta. “We are in favor of resuming the dialogue table as soon as possible”, has expressed the person in charge of the relationship of the State with the autonomous communities, who has ensured that when Pere Aragonès is invested as he will have to “agree” with Pedro Sánchez in a date for the reactivation of the conversations.

The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, has celebrated the agreement reached. “It was time for an agreement to be reached, Catalonia cannot afford to be in this situation for two months,” he said in an interview with Onda Cero. However, Robles has emphasized that the pro-independence forces must now “think of all the Catalans, in which they have voted pro-independence and not.”

Both Montero and Ábalos have made it clear that they would have preferred a left-wing option led by Salvador Illa. In fact, the Transport Minister has even regretted that he could not stand for the investiture after winning the 14F elections. Illa, for her part, has assured that will once again express its intention to appear for the investiture in the new round of consultations to be launched by the president of the Parliament, Laura Borràs and has said that the ERC and Junts agreement is “the repetition of a failure. “What is convenient for Catalonia is to reconnect with itself and with Spain and Europe, and this cannot be done with a government that has such a divisive approach as its objective,” said the leader of the PSC, noting that a future Executive of ERC and Junts will continue with the priority objective of independence, informs Pau Rodríguez.

In the Government they assumed last week that the elections in Catalonia could be repeated due to the disagreements between ERC and JxCat. Despite the fact that they considered that the PSC could improve its results, in the socialist ranks they consider that it is very difficult to turn around the pro-independence majority at this time. However, from the PSOE they believe that the policy of disinflammation will have an effect in the long term, even if the bottom of the political conflict is not resolved.


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