The Government wants to restrict the publicity of the online game to the range of 1 to 5 in the morning

The Ministry of Consumption is working on a Royal Decree to regulate the publicity of online gaming that, among other measures, envisages restricting the advertising of bets on radio and television networks to a time slot between 1 and 5 in the morning , according to sources from the department headed by Alberto Garzón.

This is the first measure that is on the table for that future decree, even without an approval date, which will be “very broad” and plans to develop the current Game Law, which dates from 2011, when the gun was struck. Explosion of the online game.

The initiative to limit advertising schedules will be transferred to the sector in the public round of contacts that Garzón will open this Thursday to dialogue with all the agents involved and to know “the points of view that can enrich the Royal Decree”. Among those consulted will be, in addition to the gaming companies and operators of the so-called public game (State Lotteries and Eleven), the media.

The objective of this time limitation, says the ministry, is to guarantee the protection of minors as a “particularly vulnerable group” against the proliferation of bets and to prevent the game from “becoming a public health problem”.

The same sources frame the measure, the first of others that will be announced in the coming months, in the coalition agreement between the PSOE and Unidos Podemos, which advocated “controlling the extension of bookmakers” and, in matters of “addiction prevention,” promised an “urgent regulation of online gambling and gambling, statewide and similar to that of tobacco products.”

From the ministry they do not specify the effect of the future decree in Lotteries or the ONCE, nor will limits be introduced to the appearance of celebrities in the advertising of the sector, or if the future royal decree will affect sports sponsorships, where the bookmakers have a predominant: they sponsor up to 7 First Division football teams, according to a recent study by the National Stock Market Commission (CNMV) in which the stock market regulator urged last week to prohibit the advertising of complex financial products (such as cryptocurrencies or CFD) in soccer teams.


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