The Government wants to reduce teleworking of State officials to one day a week

The Ministry of Public Function intends to increase the presence of public employees of the State and reduce teleworking to one day a week as of October 1, the unions CSIF and UGT have reported this Wednesday. Both workers' organizations have rejected the government's proposal, already embodied in a resolution, as indicated. The unions ask the Executive to respect the agreement signed in April with the former Minister of Public Function, Miquel Iceta, which allowed teleworking for three days a week.

Social Security is weakened at a forced marches due to the lack of personnel: a third of its offices are at risk of closure

Social Security is weakened at a forced marches due to the lack of personnel: a third of its offices are at risk of closure

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The Central Trade Union Independent and Officials (CSIF) has been the first to denounce this Wednesday the plans of the Ministry. "The Government has decided to resume the face-to-face work of public employees in the General State Administration in the face of the evolution of the epidemic and will restrict telematic work to a maximum of one day of the week (20% of the day) ", has warned.

The measure will take effect on October 1, announces the union, with a resolution that "replaces the previous one that allowed up to 4 days in a non-face-to-face mode." CSIF has announced that it has not signed the resolution, as UGT communicated a few hours later.

"Bewilderment" at the change

"The union has asked the Ministry of Finance and Public Function to apply the agreement signed last April between the previous Minister of Public Function and the unions, which allowed teleworking three days a week," reported UGT. The union has shown its "bewilderment" at the attitude of the Administration, "which constantly changes its criteria, even going so far as to propose its intention to make the non-face-to-face mode of service provision disappear."

The two unions have also denounced the "delay" in bringing into a royal decree the agreement on telework that the representatives of public workers reached in April with Minister Iceta.

CSIF adds that the resolution adopted by the Public Function only introduces, as exceptions, that 100% of the working day can be carried out in the telematic mode in the cases of people with cancer or immunodeficiency; for quarantine reasons; in areas where there is a rebound or new waves of Covid, and in personnel abroad in certain circumstances.

Union sources point out that none of the three large public employee organizations (CCOO, UGT and CSIF) have endorsed the Civil Service resolution and warn that, if the Government intends to apply it, it will do so without an agreement.


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