The Government wants to raise the minimum base of self-employed workers by 12.25% on January 1

The Government wants to raise the minimum base of self-employed workers by 12.25% on January 1


The Ministry of Labor wants the self-employed to increase their contribution to the Social Security from January 1, 2019. Yesterday offered to self-employed organizations three options that they will allow to elevate the quotas of the Special Regime of Autonomous Workers (RETA) so that they contribute to the maintenance of the pension system. "The self-employed must have better benefits and in a pay-as-you-go system they get more contributions," explained Secretary of State for Social Security Octavio Granado at the beginning of the meeting with the self-employed. The three proposals presented to the collective for negotiation are 1.25% increase the minimum bases, 6.25% or 12.25% increases that would entail more protection.

Granado offers the collective right to training, improve protection for work accidents, benefit for cessation of activity and sick leave. "We already paid a lot for what we received," he says. Lorenzo Love, president of ATA. The group would only agree on a rise of the minimum bases of 1.25% in 2019, the registered rise the last 25 years. In return they claim the protection offered by Social Security.

The reform is postponed to 2020

As reported by ABC, the President of the Government promised that the rise of 22.3% of the minimum wage agreed with Unidos Podemos would not increase the minimum contribution bases of the self-employed, as would occur with those of employed employees. The Executive now manages to increase the contributions of the group to Social Security and postpone until 2020 the reform that should allow the self-employed quote for your real income. Currently, the self-employed can choose their contribution base to Social Security, regardless of how much they enter for their activity, and more than 85% of them choose to quote according to the minimum.


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