March 5, 2021

The Government wants to agree on programs without discarding after Ministers of Podemos

The vice president of the acting Government, Carmen Calvo, has insisted that the negotiation with Podemos must "start at the foundations" and agree on a program rather than talk about the formation of Pablo Iglesias in the Executive, although he admits that " all the scenarios are proposed "so that his investiture will go ahead in July.

Calvo has declined to confirm, in an interview in the Ser, that Sanchez is willing to include ministers of Podemos with technical profile in his executive, but has not ruled out either.

The vice president has admitted that "of course the president is considering all the scenarios," but has emphasized that "what would make things easier is for the negotiating team to feel" and start working from the document proposed by the PSOE .

"This is what paves the way, teams, programs and openness to give vent to this situation," he stressed, convinced that the investiture has to go ahead in July – "it is not serious" to go to September, "he said. and that Sanchez will have "tino" when forming his government.

The possibility that Sánchez opens up to include people linked to Podemos with a "technical" profile in his government continues to be interpreted by the Iglesias party as a "veto."

"It does not matter what technicians say that they are independent, it is the same, it is a veto for Podemos", stress sources from the purple address to EFE, who even describe this hypothesis as "humiliating".

In any case, they believe that in the end the negotiations will end well because when the PSOE finds that the PP and Cs are not going to abstain in their investiture, "he will have to raise the red lines with Podemos".

Sources close to the secretary general of Podemos emphasize this idea: "It will take more or less but it will be fine", they point out after lamenting that the president's proposals come to him through leaks in the media.

The vice president, for her part, insisted: "We will have to know beforehand what we are going to find (…) We must decide the objectives and the president will make the consequent decisions, but the house has to be started by the foundations, what laws must be done, what plans, what budgets "and the president" will make decisions ".

Calvo has stressed that the election of the members of the Government is the responsibility of Sánchez, who is the one who has to make those decisions when the chamber gives him confidence and "will act accordingly," he said.

"Except the president, all the rest are dispensable," stressed the vice president, before summoning the negotiating team of United We can sit down with the PSOE, although he recalled that Sanchez was already willing several days ago to "take some people "

"We are slow to sit the teams, I wish we could do it this weekend," he concluded.

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