August 1, 2021

The Government wants a limit of 90km / h on conventional roads

The Government wants a limit of 90km / h on conventional roads

Interior Minister Fernando Grande-Marlaska said on Tuesday in the Senate that his department works on "specific modifications" of the traffic law, including the speed limit on all conventional roads (one lane in each direction). equal to 90 km / h.

Grande-Marlaska announced this measure in an appearance before the Senate Interior Committee, where he reported the general lines of his department's policy 118 days after he took office as minister.

Shortly after taking over the Interior portfolio, Grande-Marlaska indicated in the Congress of Deputies last July that there was an incipient draft of the traffic law that was intended to "address a complete reform of the legal framework that regulates traffic and road safety ", especially in aspects such as speed, alcohol and drug consumption, limiting diseases of driving, new mobility, autonomous driving, traffic regulations, permit for points and education vial.

Three months later, Grande-Marlaska underlined on Tuesday in the Senate thatenunciates "an integral reform" of the traffic law and that it will take to the Parliament "specific modifications" to "solve concrete problems", which it considered "much more adequate and much more reasonable".

The minister stressed that in 2017 there were 1,830 deaths and more than 9,500 serious injuries due to traffic accidents, so these figures increased for the fourth consecutive year, besides that Spain has fallen to the eighth position among the countries with better road safety. The EU. "The Ministry will prioritize road safety over any other consideration in traffic management. We are not willing to negotiate the traffic in exchange for human lives, "he said.

Approval with "the reference countries of the EU"

One of the aspects that Interior will propose for parliamentarians to approve is to equal the speed limit on conventional roads to 90 km / h. Currently, vehicles can go at most 100 km / h on roads with a shoulder width of at least 1.5 meters and 90 km / h when the shoulder is less than that distance.

With this, Marlaska indicated that Spain would be homologated with "the reference countries of the EU", while simplifying the table of speed limits and facilitating communication to drivers.

In addition, Marlaska stressed that Interior will propose updating the license points 12 years after its entry into force, taking into account that the distraction behind the wheel is already the first cause of fatal accidents, ahead of speed and alcohol.

Other measures that the Interior will implement in terms of road safety will be to update the specific road safety plan for motorcycles, which has been in force since 2008; special attention to vulnerable groups (pedestrians, cyclists and motorcyclists), which already account for 48% of fatalities due to traffic accidents, and to promote the new technologies of the automobile industry in relation to the electric vehicle, the connected car and autonomous driving.


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