May 13, 2021

The Government, waiting for the report of the Lawyer that blocks the financing – The Province

Thegovernmenthas clarified that there is no report by the State Advocacy arguing thata functioning Executive cannot transfer more financing to the Autonomous Communities, but the Ministry of Finance is waiting to receive "soon"a writing in this regard.

The finance minister,Maria Jesus MonteroHe said recently that he had consulted the Advocacy on whether the Government, while in office, could update deliveries on account of the autonomous financing system. The response of the legal services of the State was, according to the minister, that a functioning Government cannot take this step, so Montero promised toapprove these transfers to the autonomies when a new Executive is constituted.

The PP has claimed on Monday in Congress that the Treasury delivered the alleged report of the State Advocacy where the minister says. Executive sources explained this Tuesday to Europa Pressthat such a report does not exist physically, but that the Treasury is waiting to receive it "shortly".

The absence of Budgetshas prevented updating deliveries on account of the autonomous financing system, as well as paying a 2017 VAT adjustment pending. The communities elaborated their Budgets for this year counting on that money, that finally they are not going to receive and they have already denounceda mismatch of more than 6,000 million euros, according to data collected by Europa Press.

The PP considers that the distribution of funds from the financing system by the State has to be mandatory because it is a right of autonomy, not something "discretionary", so it is "especially important" to know the arguments of the State Advocacy To those referred to by the Treasury.

In addition to requesting this report in Congress, the PP has requested a debate in the Senate with the Ministry of Finance and the Autonomous Communities on this issue. The initiative will be voted on Tuesday in the Permanent Deputation of the Upper House and will depend on the decision of the PSOE, with an absolute majority.


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