Thu. Sep 19th, 2019

The Government vindicates its management in the shadow of an electoral advance

El Gobierno reivindica su gestión ante la sombra de un adelanto electoral

The setback in the processing of budgets and the beginning of the trial of

you procés
They have shaken up a legislature that all the actors seem to assume is giving its last throes. Thus, despite the stated intention of the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, of exhausting the mandate until 2020, the electoral focuses point to April. A possible advance of the general elections that can already be read in the speeches of the parties, bathed by an evident pre-campaign personality.

To this has been added the central executive, through a document made public this Wednesday - hours after the Congress returned the accounts of 2019 - in which claims its management in the brief span of eight and a half months since the landing of Sánchez to Moncloa. "In just a few months, the Council of Ministers has adopted more than a thousand measures that have benefited the majority of citizens," reads a text based on four axes: Welfare State, Feminist Government, Democratic Regeneration and Territorial Cohesion and economy and employment.

Government of the PSOE

Welfare State, feminist agenda, democratic regeneration, territorial cohesion and employment, the axes that the Executive emphasizes

In this sense, the Executive puts in value "the highest increase in the minimum wage of the Interprofessional in history", as well as its "commitment to pensioners with significant increases for the most vulnerable" and the "recovery of universal health care."

In feminist matters, the Moncloa communiqué emphasizes that the Government has "unblocked and endowed with resources the State Pact against Gender Violence", as well as the modification of the civil code.

However, without doubt one of the main issues of the legislature has been the Catalan territorial crisis, which Moncloa claims its "commitment to decentralization", as well as the reactivation of the bilateral commission with Catalonia - and other autonomies such as the Basque Country and Aragon.

I veto the PGE

The central executive reproaches that the rejection of budgets has prevented him from approving measures such as the recovery of the unemployment benefit for people over 52

At the same time, the Moncloa memo also reveals several points that, in his opinion, "do not let the government do those who have rejected the budgets", such as the suppression of the pharmaceutical copayment, the 60% increase in benefits for dependency, the recovery of unemployment benefit for people over 52 years of age or the extension of paternity leave to eight weeks.

The document does not forget the reform of the organic law of citizen protection, known as the gag law, now being studied in a parliamentary commission or another reform, that of suppression of certain measurements. Challenges of a government that aspired to reach 2020, but to which the legislature has been truncated in the last days, after its meager support did not serve to avoid the refusal to the budgets and the beginning of the trial of the you procés.

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