July 5, 2020

The Government values ​​that the Court requires Fertiberia a guarantee to restore rafts in Huelva

The Government has assessed on Thursday the decision of the National Court (AN) to require the company Fertiberia the "immediate" deposit of a guarantee of 65.9 million euros for the environmental regeneration of the marshes of Huelva.

Sources of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition (Miteco), have indicated to Efe, that having a guarantee is an obligation that the Law of Costs imposes on the holders of the concessions extinguished, to avoid, that an eventual environmental risk on the public domain Run out of coverage.

The National Court has given Fertiberia the maximum period of one month so that, "immediately", it constitutes a guarantee through guarantee or surety insurance amounting to 65.9 million euros, until the complete execution of the environmental regeneration works from the phosphorous rafts of Huelva.

The Miteco has stressed that during the last year it has made numerous attempts to achieve the effective constitution of that guarantee, and has required this company to comply with what is imposed judicially and with what is established in the Coastal Law.

The AN considers that the complete dismissal of Fertiberia's claims is appropriate, since the amount of the guarantee must be "without palliative or delays" of 65.9 million euros and not from 21.9 million euros as said company had requested.

Ministerial sources have also assessed that the National Court has expressed itself in the same terms as the requirement of the General Directorate of Sustainability of the Coast and the Sea of ​​this department, which had addressed the company, with that objective, last July .

The Miteco has stressed that the resolution of the AN also warns the company that, in the case of not presenting the guarantee in the terms and term indicated, the Chamber could adopt coercive measures.

Fertiberia was the holder of a concession in the maritime-terrestrial public domain for the exploitation of phosphorous rafts, which expired in 2003 and the regeneration project of the area that occupied that exploitation is still pending environmental impact statement.

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