March 5, 2021

The Government urges Iglesias to abandon the "personal egos" and negotiate the program first

The Government summons the United We can accept your proposal to return to the "exit box" to start negotiating the investiture from the contents-a programmatic agreement-and, from there, to address the composition of the Government. "Spain already needs a government, not for the satisfaction of those who sit in it," the spokesperson, Isabel Celaá, has begun the press conference following the Council of Ministers.

Without specifically mentioning it, Celaá has referred to his "preferred partner", Pablo Iglesias, to ask him to abandon the "prides and personal egos" and agree to negotiate the program. "This is not a matter of pride or personal egos, it's a matter of state," Celaá said, "so the first thing we need to know is what we're going to do and the second is how it's going to be done."

The socialists have pointed directly to Iglesias as the responsible for truncating the talks for the investiture for their personal demands. The leader of Podemos claims his presence in the Council of Ministers. Sánchez now opens to incorporate members of the confederal group into the cabinet but with technical and not political profiles, although Celaá has assured that the PSOE does not have "vetoes to person".

"We have to talk about content, we have to talk about the program, which is why the PSOE has presented a progressive and open programmatic proposal." The degree of consensus that can be reached and the differences on that programmatic proposal must be checked and then it will have to be decided who will pilot that programmatic offer, "he explained. The Government thus leaves the roof over Podemos, which ensures that a "comprehensive agreement" must be negotiated that includes contents and charges at the same time.

Celaá has considered that "clearing a corner" the "sterile debates on positions and people": "Let's make the building first, everyone first thinks about what program will be implemented".

The spokesperson has defended the "exercise of responsibility" that, in his opinion, Sánchez carried out by telephoning Iglesias to propose that both park their starting positions – the socialists, a cooperative government with Unidas Podemos in secondary levels of the Administration- and Iglesias the one of a coalition-, but that did not produce any advance. "Although the conversation did not give the expected results, Pedro Sánchez will continue trying," he finished. Moncloa sources say that next week there will be "some movement" of the investiture candidate.

Although Celaá has denied that the call for a consultation to the inscribed on the part of Podemos "dinamite" the possibilities of an understanding before July 22, the date on which the investiture begins, has made it clear that he has no hope that the result will favor them: "We can all foresee where he will go the answer after reading the questions ".

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