The Government urges Feijóo to demonstrate that he is "a statesman" by unblocking the renewal of the Judiciary

Barely 24 hours after the leader of the Popular Party, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, confirmed that his political formation will continue to block the renewal of the General Council of the Judiciary (CGPJ) Until after the Andalusian elections on June 19, this Tuesday the Government wanted to redouble the pressure on the top leader of the opposition so that he put an end as soon as possible to the obstruction of the reform of the highest body of judges that the PP has been practicing for almost four years.

The blockade of the PP forces the Government to decide in two weeks whether to renew the Constitutional on its own

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The spokeswoman for the Executive, Isabel Rodríguez, has urged Feijóo to "demonstrate that he is a statesman" by already renewing, if necessary "this afternoon", the CGPJ. “It is not the government that has to take a step. The main opposition party is expected to comply with its constitutional obligations”, assured Rodríguez at the press conference after the Council of Ministers. She has denounced, especially, that the PP "refuses to comply with the Constitution", which establishes the renewal of bodies such as the Judicial Power.

With its attitude in recent years, the PP also blocks the renewal of the Constitutional Court, where the conservative sector holds the Presidency, in addition to the majority of the Plenary. The situation is about to change, something that the right seems to want to prevent, since the 12 magistrates of the court are renewed by thirds, according to the Magna Carta. And now it is up to the Government to appoint two and the CGPJ the other two. According to the correlation of forces, three deputies appointed by the progressive forces and one by the right would enter.

Comply with the Constitution

But since the Judiciary has its appointment capacity frozen precisely because it is in office, it will not be able to appoint its own. In the Government there are doubts about whether they could name their short list independently from the CGPJ, although the Constitution establishes that the renewal will be "by thirds".

"The PP can say mass, but the reality is that in the Constitutional Court the appointment of its magistrates is pending from the renewal of the CGPJ", Isabel Rodríguez has denounced. "What the Government demands of the PP is that it agree to comply with the Constitution, to unblock the CGPJ and to be able to appoint Constitutional magistrates normally," added the Government spokesperson.

"We could do it this afternoon," Rodríguez assured, alluding to the first parliamentary debate that Feijóo and the Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez, will star in the control session of the Executive in the Senate.

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