January 26, 2021

The Government today approves the subsidy for the unemployed of 52 years and the registration of the working day

The Government today approves the subsidy for the unemployed of 52 years and the registration of the working day


The Government continues with its road map and will approve today a new decree in the Council of Ministers. In the same are framed several measures that the Government of Sanchez intends to launch to attend the elections on April 28, as anticipated ABC. The imbalance in public accounts will not be an impediment for the president of the Government to nurture his electoral program with more public spending.

Thus, the Government will approve today a decree law that includes the recovery of subsidy for over 52 years, compared to the current 55, and the registration of the working day, bonuses to the hiring of long-term unemployed or the recovery of the contribution of non-professional caregivers, among other social measures. Also, the Executive moved yesterday to the employers and unions of these two new measures to be approved today.

This decree will contain the reduction from 55 to 52 years of the subsidy for the unemployed, the control of the working hours and some aspects related to the Youth Guarantee. The recovery of the subsidy for over 52 years was one of the issues that had remained in the air after the approval of the 2019 Budgets and the call for general elections. Until 2012, the age to request this subsidy was 52 years. With the labor reform of the PP Government, the access age was raised to 55 years.

The subsidy for people over 55 is a monthly help of 430 euros that the unemployed worker charges until he reaches the retirement age that allows him to access a contributory pension, regardless of its modality, which in practice translates into forced early retirements and, therefore, in smaller pensions. This measure will take effect the day after the publication of the royal decree in the Official State Gazette (BOE).

Record of the day

The royal decree will modify the Workers' Statute with regard to the registration of working hours for companies make a daily record of the scheduleof your workers, which must include the start and end of the day, «without prejudice to flexible hours».

The draft states that companies must keep records for four years and that they will remain available to workers, unions and the Labor and Social Security Inspectorate. The companies will have two months since the publication of the royal decree in the BOE to implement this measure.

In addition to these two measures, the royal decree will collect measures that were rejected in the General State Budgets (PGE) of 2019 and others derived from the rise in the Minimum Interprofessional Salary (SMI).

Social measures

Specifically, the Social Security contribution of family caregivers of dependent persons will also be recovered, the non-contributory amounts of family benefits per child will be doubled in order to fight against child poverty and an improvement in the minimum amounts of pensions will be collected. for total permanent disability.

On the other hand, will reduce the contribution of agricultural workers with the aim of minimizing the impact of the rise in the minimum wage to 900 euros. The text will also include that public entertainers may continue to be included in the General Social Security Scheme during their periods of inactivity.

Regarding self-employed workers, the text states that the quotas for all contingencies will be paid to self-employed workers who are temporarily unable to work before the entry into force of the Royal Decree on the revaluation of pensions and other urgent measures social, which was approved last December, after 60 days of temporary disability.

In addition, measures related to the Youth Guarantee Plan, aimed at over 16 years and under 30 years. Thus, among others, it is established that public employment services may request registration in the system of persons registered as job seekers, provided that they comply with the requirements and that they will inform the interested party of this circumstance so that the same can exercise their rights.

Recruitment bonuses

Bonuses will also be established for the hiring of long-term unemployed. Thus, employers who hire indefinitely unemployed persons registered in the SEPE, at least 12 months in the 18 months prior to hiring, will be entitled to a bonus of the social security contribution per worker of 1,300 euros per year for 3 years, a figure that will amount to 1,500 euros per year if the contracted one is a woman.

In the agrarian field, bonuses will be given to the conversion of temporary contracts of agrarian workers in permanent contracts or discontinuous fixed contracts. Likewise, there will be a reduction to half of the Social Security contributions of the discontinuous permanent workers of the companies in the tourism, hospitality and commerce sectors during the months of February, March and November.

According to the text, the Government plans to establish a group of experts before June 30, 2019 to carry out the studies and work necessary for the preparation of a new Workers' Statute.

Finally, the draft of the royal decree law does not mention other petitions reiterated in recent months by the unions such as the recovery of ultra-activity, amendment of article 42 of the Workers' Statute or the prevalence of the sectoral agreement against the company. Nor does it include any of the measures corresponding to the repeal of the pension reform of 2013.


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