March 1, 2021

The Government takes the reform of the Agri-Food Chain Law to public consultation

The Government has brought the reform of the “Law on measures to improve the operation of the agrifood chain” to public consultation, a regulation that has recently undergone changes to face the crisis in the countryside and is now facing a “far-reaching” reform.

In a statement, the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (MAPA) explained this Wednesday that the current legislation will also be adapted to transpose the Community Directive on unfair commercial practices in relations between companies in the agricultural supply chain. and food.

From the department led by Luis Planas, they recalled that the modification of the Chain Law occurs in two phases: the first was through a decree-law of February 25, when those aspects that did not they could wait for an ordinary legislative reform. “

With farmers on the street starring protests for several consecutive weeks due to the crisis in the sector -affected by lower prices, trade wars, increased costs, etc.-, the Executive decided to introduce in the regulation adjustments aimed at granting greater protection to this first link in the chain.

Specifically, one of the keys is to try to eliminate the sale at a loss, forcing the price to be paid to never be lower than the cost of production, the calculation of which will be based on a series of official scales.

In addition, “promotions of a misleading nature” for the consumer were prohibited and it was classified as “serious and very serious offense” that there are no written contracts when executing a sale between the links in the sector, among other measures.

In a second phase, once these urgent changes have been approved, it is time to submit to public consultation the preliminary draft of a law approved in August 2013 and of which all governments since then – regardless of the political sign – have highlighted its usefulness for the sector.

The Ministry stressed that this regulation “has contributed to increasing the efficiency and competitiveness of the Spanish agri-food sector and reducing the imbalance in trade relations between different operators”, and has encouraged citizens, organizations and associations to participate in its modification with their contributions.


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