The Government takes the first step to approve the pardons this Tuesday

The Government takes the first official step to grant pardons to the independence leaders condemned by the you process this Tuesday, June 22. The files on the grace measure will go through an extraordinary session of the Commission of Secretaries and Undersecretaries (CGSEYS) this Monday afternoon, which is the previous step for the matters to be included in the order of the Council of Ministers. The intention of the Executive is that the reports of the grace measure be approved at the meeting this Tuesday, although government sources avoid closing it and suggest that some unforeseen event may be urgent in the next few hours to delay it. In any case, the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, assured that the decision would be made this Tuesday or June 29. Moncloa has also advanced the appearance of Pedro Sánchez in Congress to explain the government's pardon on June 30. At the extraordinary meeting of the CGSEYS, it is also expected that the decree law will be approved for eliminate the mandatory nature of masks that will be approved in an extraordinary Council of Ministers on Thursday.

The support of Congress, businessmen and unions guides the management of pardons from the Government

The support of Congress, businessmen and unions guides the management of pardons from the Government

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In recent days, the Government had already made it clear that the adoption of the measure would be imminent and that it would take place before the meeting scheduled between Pedro Sánchez and the president of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès, for the month of June.

The Ministry of Justice, together with the first vice president, Carmen Calvo, and the secretary general of the Presidency, Félix Bolaños, have been working for weeks on the argumentation of the grace measure that the PP has already advanced that it will take to court. Sánchez had already been a supporter of government forgiveness before the Supreme Court took a position against it. But it is that the movement of the Government does not have a legal but a political reading: in Moncloa they are convinced that it is a step towards detente.

Since then, the president has been making arguments in favor of the measure of grace conscious that it generates wear and tear among his own voters. The effort of the Executive has focused in recent days on doing a pedagogical work on pardons. In fact, the president will explain the reasons for the decision in a conference that he will deliver this Monday at the Liceu in Barcelona before "a broad representation of civil society," according to Moncloa.

Sánchez even asked "a vote of confidence" from those who have "objections" on the grounds that it is a measure in favor of "harmony and coexistence." "It is important for Spanish society to be aware that we are not making this decision for those affected, we are making it for Catalan and Spanish society," he said on Wednesday. The public utility, coexistence and the resolution of the political conflict will largely be the argumentation of the Executive in the individualized files of the pardons.

In this framework, the Government has received an oxygen balloon from the employer's association after the president of CEOE, Antonio Garamendi, said that pardons will be "welcome" if they serve to "normalize" things in Catalonia in the face of the tense discourse that the PP maintains. The Catalan employers have also shown their strong support for the Government's decision, in addition to that of the Catalan bishops and also the unions, who expressed it from the first moment.

The Government also sees a change in good direction by ERC, with which they maintain coordination and relationship, such as the renunciation of the unilateral path or the steps towards institutionality, such as the presence of Aragonès in an act that King Felipe VI attended this week.


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