Tue. Nov 19th, 2019

The Government studies to resort to the TC the reprobation of the King by the Parlament

El Gobierno estudia recurrir al TC la reprobación del Rey por el Parlament

The government study resorting to constitutional Court (TC) the reprobation of the king by the Parlament, an initiative that considers serious from the political point of view, although it lacks legal force.

In an informal conversation with journalists during the reception offered by the kings at the Royal Palace on the occasion of the National Holiday Day, the vice president of government, Carmen Calvo, has affirmed that the Executive will surely appeal this reprobation and has stressed that an autonomous Parliament can not question the figure of the head of state, which is inviolable.

The Government will issue all the signals that they contribute to Catalunya the stability he needs, so that no one will sell them fantasies, has argued Bald, before emphasizing that the reprobation is politically serious and "does not have a pass" from the legal point of view, while it has been asked what a regional parliament is doing talking about how State.

At the same reception, the president Pedro Sánchez has emphasized, however, that what was approved by the Parlament it is a "declarative proposal without legal force" and has recalled that there was another proposal not of a similar law during the mandate of Mariano Rajoy and that the Government did not appeal it.

After admitting that his Executive will "study" the matter, he insisted that "no irregularity or illegality" has been committed and has stressed that the Catalan problem is a circular debate, in which the separatists can raise a referendum, but they know that do not have the support of the majority of citizens.

At that point, he has stressed the need that, in his opinion, there is in Catalonia a dynamic of blocks that disintegrates society and has defended the policy of his Government in this area, which is currently in a first phase of détente and standardization. The second phase – he explained – will be to address what political solution should be given to this problem, and the third, to face the need – in his opinion – undoubtedly that the Catalans vote for that solution.

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